DATELINE: Aug 30 – Edgerton, but staying on at Lara Matechuk’s farm

It is such a treat to get to spend two nights in the same place! And Lara’s farm is a lovely place.

So in the morning everybody saddled up and away they went to ride the big sand dunes. (Yes, I was jealous again.) They had a whale of a time riding up dunes to the top and then riding the ridge because coming down the other side wasn’t an option (too steep). They loped all over the place and just generally had a great time.

After their ride we were off to see the folks from Edgerton. They had an outdoor barbecue at the ag facility. CFCW was in attendance and there was a silent auction where Cookie and I were bidding on the same thing. (She called me a “bag” … but there are no friends at auctions, right? *grin*)

These guys had fun. They organized kids’ games.  “Real” kids games! There was bobbing for apples! There was a sack race! It was a hoot and the kids had a ball.

When all was said and done, the tiny burg of Edgerton raised over a thousand dollars (on virtually no notice!) and everybody had a great time!

Back to Lara’s and the front yard fire pit where Lara, Tami and I outlasted all the rest … and where the next morning Tami was suffering. (So glad that I don’t do hangovers!)

One last giggle from Edgerton. There is a sign on the road coming back from the lake that says, “West Edgerton Mall” and an arrow pointing that-a-way! *giggle, snort* (Yes, of course I got a picture of it. But between my phone and my computer, somehow pics get lost on some cloud or other!)

Next stop: Innisfree


2 thoughts on “DATELINE: Aug 30 – Edgerton, but staying on at Lara Matechuk’s farm

  1. Hello Jane, Want to tell you and riders we met that we are doing well..My shoulder is coming along,still in sling most of the time. We had hoped to come and join in last couple of days but did not feel up to the drive.. Sounds like it has been such fun. I hope it has been a financial success . So glad to have met you and the others on the ride. Hugs >


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