DATELINE: Aug 31 – Innisfree

I love it when people grab an idea and run with it! That’s what Jennifer (CAO of Innisfree) did. She inspired the town to go pink … even had the post office pink, which is a real feat! It takes special permission for a post office to change anything, including (and especially) their uniforms. The Innisfree post office was pink inside and out, and the postmistress got special permission to wear all pink (instead of her ho-hum Canada Post uniform) for two days!

For the first (and likely last) time on this tour, I got to ride in a parade! Longrider Sue Meier loaned me her horse, “Michael”, and away we went. It wasn’t a long parade but we got to see the pinkness of the town.

This town did a “memory tree” in their park on Main Street. The tree was festooned with pink balloons that were in memory of those lost to cancer. Each balloon had a name and date on it. Very touching.

The Innisfree trail ride was from the farm owned by Karen and her husband. Karen owns a new newspaper called “Hiway 16 News” and she drives a pair of very gorgeous black Percherons. The Percherons led the way and they went out on the peninsula of their lake. By all accounts, the scenery was breathtaking.

It seems Innisfree’s mayor made a challenge. If her town could raise $5,000, she would shave her head. Then two of her councillors got into the act and said that if the $5,000 was raised, they would allow someone to wax the hair off their chests! The challenge was on … and it was met on the day we were in town. But then Jennifer and Karen got creative and now, on the day that the assorted hair is removed, there will also be a pie challenge. Councillors and teachers will be the objects. Citizens can bid to throw a pie in a face. The twist will be that the councillor or teacher can buy their way out of being creamed by beating the amount raised! If the councillor or teacher does that, he or she can then nominate someone else to get creamed! I think this town is going to raise a lot of money with this event!

All in all, Innisfree was a GREAT stop on our tour and I wish them the best of luck in becoming the Pinkest Little Town in the West!

Next stop: Two Hills


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