DATELINE: Sept 3 – Lamont Ag Society

Bless their hearts. We sure do appreciate Lamont Ag. We couldn’t go into Edmonton because WELCA is in the middle of their construction. We didn’t want to go to St Albert because too many riders didn’t like all that city driving. Lamont Ag rode to our rescue.

Yes, it was muddy, but it didn’t rain on Saturday while the riders were off for their second day of riding the Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Grazing and Recreational Area. This time they rode out of Waskahegan Staging Area. The riders included my stepson who was given the opportunity to ride “Hashbrown”, a gaited Rocky Mountain Horse owned by Pinkster Julia Vanderwolf-MacPhail. (I was jealous yet again.) Stepson Kevin hasn’t been a “horse person” thus far in his life, but I’m working hard on turning him into one. *grin* From all accounts, the day’s ride was successful and thoroughly enjoyed. Kevin was amazed at how much smoother a gaited horse is as compared to a “trotter”. (Is it working, Kevin? Are we ready to buy you a Rocky?)

While the riders were off in the Blackfoot, Julia, Amanda and Cookie took to the ovens. Longrider Sue’s husband (Jim), my husband (David) and I got to setting things up in the big tent that Lamont Ag keeps up all summer long. It’s huge, and we had to move panels from the east end of it to the west end where the wind was whipping in. Once that was done, my hubby put together and set up a patio heater and another small propane heater. Suddenly the place was cozy so we started decorating. Pink glow sticks were hung from the walls and pink plastic tablecloths covered the picnic tables. Two LED-lit little trees sat in the corners and lit the room.

When the riders got back (hungry), Carole made nachos to tide them over ’til dinner.

Our Yonderosa Dinner was compliments of Lori from Sobey’s on Wye in Sherwood Park. The cooking was compliments of Cookie, Julia and Amanda. We had chicken breasts stuffed with cheese and spinach and topped with a mushroom sauce, creamy potatoes, broccoli, Caesar salad and dutch oven-made cheddar cheese buns by Julia. For dessert there was a slab cake from Sobey’s that had the Wild Pink Yonder logo on it and the words, “Happy trails to you”. And to top it off, Julia did this awesome thing with sour cherries on the bottom and double chocolate cake on top. It was fantastic! The ladies outdid themselves.

Our speaker for the night was none other than the internationally recognized breast cancer guru, Dr John Mackey. Not only is this man brilliant, but he’s personable, charming and funny, to boot. And he spoke to us in this intimate little setting so anyone who wanted to could ask a question or throw in a comment. He told us how CRINA (Cancer Research Institute of Northern Alberta) works … and why it works so well. He told us of the many things they’re doing and the success they are having matching up experts from fields that don’t normally work on cancer with their researchers who do. Because of these innovations (and many others) the end is near for breast cancer. Both effective treatment and a vaccine will happen in my lifetime. I am sure of that.

If you’re going to have a farewell Yonderosa Dinner, this was the way to do it. I can’t give enough kudos to Carole DeSchover, Julia Vanderwolf-MacPhail, Amanda MacPhail and Dr John Mackey. The four of them made the evening a resounding success. I could not have asked for more.

Next stop …no regrets.



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