KAL TIRE to the rescue again … and again.

As some of you know, I am a huge fan of Kal Tire. Always have been. They call it “True Service”. I call it “Truly Great Service”.

A few years ago, Kal Tire showed their true colours (and their True Service) when AMA refused to change the tire on our stock trailer on the side of the TransCanada Highway unless I took all three horses out first — *eyes like saucers* — on the side of this very busy highway. When I refused, they would not come. Kal Tire to the rescue! They came. They saw. They got me back on the road without endangering the lives of my horses (and passing motorists who could have been killed as well if a horse had spooked from a passing highway transport). All these years later, I’m still mad at AMA over that. And I’m still so thankful that Kal Tire exists.

This year, after about a week on the trail, I noticed that it was getting harder and harder to start my motorhome so I took it in to Kal Tire in Stettler. What great people they are! Apparently my batteries were pooched. Apparently they are not that common. And apparently they’re particularly difficult to get at. That didn’t stop these guys! They found the right batteries (two of them …. with the posts on the side, not the top) and got me up and running in record time. They even gave me a substantial “breast cancer fundraiser discount” on the price.

Have I mentioned that I love Kal Tire?

And then, a little more than a week later, we had a noticeably bulging tire on the cargo trailer! I mean bulging as in “gonna blow sometime very soon”. It was a Friday night. About dusk. Every average store was closed. But Kal Tire is anything but average. They sent a new tire and a technician to put it on our rim, inflate it and install it — in the dark. Again, this was done in record time and with a smile.

Did you know that their new slogan is, “If we sell it, we guarantee it”? Gawd, I love Kal Tire!

Kal Tire has been a sponsor for Wild Pink Yonder for the last three years. They offer True Service. I am a True Believer. Thank you for being there, Kal.




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