Woot! Woot! Wingding is just over a week away. Sign up now!

We’re meeting at the Neighbourhood Pub in the Chipman Hotel …  6:00pmSaturday, January 21st.  (Tickets by E-transfer: $10/person to Jane@WildPinkYonder.com.)

Your first drink is covered, then build a burger at the burger bar, eat the Best in the West fries and dip into a salad or two. All this for just $10.

Every Pinkster in the land is invited to come share “war stories” from the Pink Trail and to help present our donation for breast cancer research to the co-chairs of CRINA.

You don’t have to have ridden this year. You’re welcome if you rode any year … or if you never rode but had always intended to … or if you didn’t ride but you pledged to one of our intrepid riders.

Once we’ve presented our cheque to CRINA, we’ll talk horse. We’ll snag some deals on silent auction items. And if we’re feeling particularly feisty, we’ll sing karaoke!

And we’ll talk about where Wild Pink Yonder goes from here.

As you know, there will be no more Longrides. The 23-day 500-km format was famous for being the only one of its kind in the entire world … and its Longriders are recognized for being truly tough. But now the organizer is tired. So tired.

But the thing is: we have so many riders united to help defeat breast cancer, it would be a shame to just close the doors and call it a day, so I want to talk to you about where we should go next. Nothing formal. Just bring your thoughts and throw them out at some appropriate moment.

Wingding is a chance to bask in the glow of the power of our team (the money we’ve raised and the awareness we’ve spread) … but mostly, we’re Wingdingin’ it to have fun, so come on out!


One thought on “Woot! Woot! Wingding is just over a week away. Sign up now!

  1. Yes jane sue and Jim will be there and Tianna tried to e trans but it won’t allow so all brink cash for you if ok?

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