Cypress Hills — Day two in God’s country

There are a lot of Reesors in the Cypress Hills. As one wag observed “Yeah, we really ought to spray for them”. And as Dan Reesor deadpanned “There are 13 Reesor families here in the hills. If we all worked together, we could be our own Hutterite colony!”

Some years back I went with the Canadian Appaloosa Horse Association to Historic Reesor Ranch. For three days we rode some fine trails. The scenery was terrific and there were historic markers to tell us about the North West Mounted Police’s presence there … and the plight of the Nez Perce Indians. But this time? This time we rode on Dan Reesor’s ranch (further down the same road as Historic Reesor) and the scenery was beyond breathtaking.

The day was hot, but who was noticing? Dan said the bugs were bad, but those of us from the Edmonton area couldn’t get over how few bugs there were by comparison! With a nice breeze, at that altitude, it was heaven on earth.

We rode up hill and down dale and went from one bunch of cattle to the next.  None of the horses were freaked out by the cattle (though my Dingo obviously came from a working ranch because he was ready and rarin’ to go after them). At times we could see forever — rolling high hills with a huge expanse of prairie beyond. At other times all we could see was the hill in front of us or the valley down below. And it was green. Oh, so green! Dan said that given another two weeks without rain, it would become a tinder box, but while we were there it was lush.

Two hours in, we stopped for lunch. At that point Julia Vanderewolf McPhail and I quit the ride to go help Carole and Kevin back in camp so we’d be ready for the riders at the end of the day, therefore I can’t comment on the rest of their ride, but I’ll guarantee it was perfection.

Back in camp, Carole decided it was too hot (down in Irvine — out of the hills), so she put a tarp in the back of her pick up truck and built everybody a redneck pool! Perfection!

Some of us stayed up that night to watch Irvine’s Canada Day fireworks, but many were too hot and tired, so after a delicious roast beef dinner and a couple of brewskis, off they went to bed.

Just another day in paradise.


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