We’re going for a Rocky Mountain high!

Pinksters are always asking to go to the mountains, so that’s what we’re going to do! Please join us.

As it turns out, going to the Willmore on the August long weekend maybe wasn’t our smartest decision. <grin> Traditionally this is the busiest weekend they have at Willmore for equestrians and hikers alike (didn’t know that!) But to top it off, Grande Cache runs their “Canadian Death Race” that weekend too! (Didn’t know that either!) People come from all over North American for that one, so finding a non-first-come-first-served place to camp for a group of us was a challenge.

But things are all in place now. We are staying at the beautiful Entrance Ranch, just 15 minutes north west of Hinton and 20 minutes east of Jasper. From there, we can still ride Willmore, but I’m told that the trails on Entrance Ranch are fantastic too. Entrance has a sensational view of the front ranges of the Rockies … and they’ll be much less busy than Willmore. So who knows? Ride Entrance? Ride Willmore? Ride both? We’ll decide democratically once we get there!

You can arrive any time on Friday, August 4th. Our host is “Rocky”, a delightful Norwegian fellow who is laid back and very accommodating. His ranch offers lovely log cabins (that we will not be inhabiting), so expect to see tourists around and about, but he gave up doing horse rides some years ago. The pastures are all ours.

Apparently there is more grass than the horses will eat and we’ll have the use of automatic waterers too. While you’re off riding, your ground crew (that would be my stepson, Kevin Thomas, and me) will move the electric fencing so that when you come in after the day’s ride, your horse will have fresh grass for the night.

As well, while you’re away, Kevin and I will be hard at work creating a gastronomic delight. When you get back after your ride, all you have to do is put your horse away, grab a cold one, kick back and relax ’til supper. This is the mountains, so I’m thinking chili? Our famous burgers? Roast beef? Time will tell.

Please join us. Register by downloading the registration form here and then emailing it along with an e-transfer of $100 to Jane@WildPinkYonder.com. You can download the paper fundraising form in the same place you got the registration form. Or you can do on-line fundraising here.

Your commitment? $100 registration (to cover expenses like food) and $150 fundraising that is 100% tax receiptable.

The highest fundraiser for the weekend wins a Patriot solar electric fencer from Peavey Mart. (Value: $250 … does 10 miles/40 acres.) The highest fundraiser for the summer wins a $1,000 shopping spree at the Peavey Mart of your choice.

PS … as we don’t know when anybody/everybody is arriving, Friday’s meals are your own responsibility. Thanks.


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