What a marvellous long weekend (Part 2)

We are nothing if not a democratic bunch. The question on Saturday night was: being as the riding was so wonderful here on Entrance Ranch on Saturday, do we want to bother trailering up and heading off to Willmore for Sunday’s ride? Turns out Willmore is a “bucket item” for some of our riders, so the decision was in favour of Willmore. But, at the same time, a number of riders didn’t want to travel. They’d rather have a nice, leisurely day at Entrance … so that’s what we did; a little of this and a little of that.

In the morning the majority of our riders trailered up and we, the ground crew, had their bagged lunches ready to go early. Off they went with the understanding that they were to be back for dinner at 7:00 p.m.

The rest of the riders had a more leisurely morning and then went with our host, Rocky, for a nice, 3.5 hour ramble around the place. Julia and I (who took our horses for the weekend) were too durned tired to head out when the other riders did, so we hung around camp to do clean up with Kevin and just sit over a hot coffee. Our plan was to go for a 2 hour ramble in the afternoon, which we did. (Truth be told, all three of us were pooped. This going to bed at 1:30 a.m. and getting up at 6:30 a.m. is hard on a body! All three of us went for a late morning snooze!)

What a lovely day! The sun shone, it was warm, but there was a nice, cooling breeze. When Julia and I eventually saddled up, a fellow named Mark, who lives on Entrance Ranch, decided to come with us. Great! A guide! We rode through boreal forest so thick that you couldn’t miss the smell of fresh pine. And then we came to the trail along the ridge over the Athabasca River. Breathtaking. (The second picture wasn’t taken on our ride, but I’ve included it so you get a better idea of the view. You still don’t get the perspective of how steep the embankment is in many places on our side of the river though.)

Entrance 8 athabasca riverbeautiful-trails-and-pink-horses.jpg

Honestly … it’s heaven.

Back in camp we thought we were pretty hot stuff in the cooking department! We made a roast beef dinner with baked potatoes, corn on the cob, green beans, salad and dessert … and the Willmore contingent didn’t show up! Those of us who were there had a feast. Then we held everything over until the Willmore bunch finally showed up at something like 9:30!

But all’s well that ends well. Kevin had decided to wait on cooking their corn and green beans (smart Kevin), and we put the roast in a crock pot.

They put on a lot of miles in Willmore, so dinner was much appreciated, but they were so tired that most of them ate and went straight to bed. It was a wonderful day in God’s country.


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