Where, oh *where*, will we ride?

Okay, Pinksters … this is your opportunity to chime in on rides for the 2018 season.

You have made it clear that long weekends are a no-no because they are designated family time … but you want to go for three days anyway, so we will be taking regular weekends and extending them by a day. If you’re a 9-to-5’er, you’ll have to plan on being sick that day <grin>, or asking for the day off.

We already have two weekends set up.

June 23, 24, 25 at Entrance Ranch (Hinton), where we can ride a number of different trails. There’s Willmore, Cadomin and the breathtaking trails above the Athabasca River. Our accommodations are wonderful. You’ll have breakfast in camp, take a bagged lunch out with you, and then come back to a hot dinner ready and waiting in the evening.

We also have September 8, 9, 10 at the Ag society in Donalda, where we will ride the badlands with the incomparable guide, Becky Clement. The pens at Donalda Ag are fabulous and we have free rein to the inside facilities, including their full kitchen.

So that takes care of June and September. What about July and August? I have been asked time and time again about making a weekend of the Blackfoot Recreation Area, about an hour east of Edmonton. The trails are groomed and you can ride for miles without ever doing the same path. (You can also go with a wagon or buggy, if that’s your thing.) I could possibly get us a permit to camp *in* Blackfoot. If not, I live very close to there and we could camp in one of my fields. Does that sound like a good idea for July?

Do you have some other suggestions? I am loathe to suggest Ya Ha Tinda because you can’t reserve there. Drayton Valley is another good one, but there, too, you can’t reserve. At both of these, if there are too many campers when you arrive, you have to leave! ACK! The ideal would be an ag society or a ranch on the edge of some great riding area. Have you any suggestions? Is there some place (that’ll let us stay for free) somewhere along the North Saskatchewan River? The Red Deer River? The mountains?

Riding weather’s coming up soon (I hope)! We need a plan.


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