July and August are calling. Please choose two of the three locations for our summer rides.

Wild Pink Yonder will be riding in the mountains around Hinton on the weekend of June 23, 24 and 25 and in the northern end of the Canadian Badlands (riding out of Donalda) on the weekend of September 8, 9 and 10.

We are now looking for rides in July and August as well. In July, it would be the weekend of July 14, 21 or 28. In August, it would be the weekend of August 11, 18 or 25. Both weekends we choose can be Friday, Saturday and half of Sunday riding, or Saturday, Sunday and half of Monday. Your choice.

And here are the three trail options:

  1. Grande Cache — north of Hinton and south of Grande Prairie. Here’s how to get there. I’ve not been there myself, but everything I see about the place says the scenery is beyond breathtaking and the trails somewhere between amazing and drop dead. You want mountain riding? This is it. Check this link for details. If Ribstone is one of our choices, then this would have to be in July.
  2. Ribstone Creek Heritage Rangeland Natural Area — southeast of Wainwright. There are huge sand dunes there, a unique feature here in Alberta. Lara Matechuk will put us up at her place and act as our guide.

    You’ll likely see cattle, and, with luck, deer, moose, elk, hawks, eagles, owls and badgers. We can arrange both long rides (6-8 hours) and short rides (2-3 hours). There’s the added benefit that in the evening, she has an obstacle course set up that we can challenge. Lara asks that this be our August ride, and that it be the weekend of August 17-19, which would mean arriving at her place on Thursday night, August 16th, then riding Friday, Saturday and half of Sunday.

  3. Hummingbird Recreation Area — southwest of Rocky Mountain House. I’ve never been there, but from all accounts it is fantastic. This is one of the areas that ATRA goes to help with trail maintenance every year. They love it there. The only negative I’ve heard is that the road in is narrow and twisting, so it seems that big rigs won’t make it. How big is big? 30 foot trailers is what I’m hearing. If Ribstone is one of our choices, then this would have to be in July.

Okay, so those are your choices, so far as I can see. If you’d like another offered, please send me an email or a PM, but we have to get on this PDQ or I’ll not get the advertising I’d like for it.

Either leave a message with your preferences on this blog, or send me an email or a text message. I need to have answers by April 27th, please.


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