The Pinkness Prizes are here!

First, you need to know that the Pinkness Prizes are given to the horse and rider who are the pinkest on the first morning of riding. This year there will be a prize on

  • Saturday, June 23rd (Hinton/Willmore),
  • Friday, August 17th (Ribstone/Sand Dune) 
  • Saturday, September 8th (Badlands/Donalda).

We’ve seen some wonderful pink combos in the past, so if you want in on the prizes, start thinking pink … and be very, very creative!

We thank the wonderful Kim Pielak and her employer, Telus, for this year’s Pinkness Prizes. They invite you to welcome the future with their

What is a Google Home, you ask? (I had to ask too!) It’s sort of “Siri on steroids and in your home”. The way I see it, with a Google Home up and running, you can turn lights on and off in your house while you’re off riding with us in the mountains. You can have it set the temperature for your furnace so that you save energy while you’re away riding with us at Donalda, but have the house warmed up when you get back. You can ask it anything you want to know … like if the weather will be reasonable enough to go riding tomorrow. Google home does a lot of stuff around the house, plays your favourite music on command and knows just about everything that’s happening around the world — including what you’re supposed to be doing tomorrow! All you have to do is ask. 

The Sonos smart speaker is a little more self explanatory. It is a small smart marvel that, on your voice command, lets you listen to rich, room-filling sound from your Android or Apple device anywhere you choose to take it. 

So that’s it, Pinksters. Please sign up to ride soon. And thank you again to Telus and Kim Pielak. 

I pink I can  … I pink I can … I pink I can.



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