June 23, 24, 25 – near Jasper National Park

If mountain riding is on your bucket list …

If you rode with us last summer and want to come again …

If you’re looking for new riding partners …

This is the ride for you.

There’s nothing quite so fine as riding Willmore Wilderness Park, Cadomin, or along the beautiful Athabasca River with a group of like-minded horse people.

We camp at Entrance Ranch, just west of Hinton and a mile or two north. Last summer our host, Rocky Notnes, didn’t have a horse (sold his a couple of years back) so couldn’t take the group out riding. But because he was so taken with our gang, he said he’s buying another horse just so he can ride with us this year! Ain’t nothin’ quite like having your own guide who has lived in the area for decades and knows every little turn in the trail! (And if that doesn’t work out, we’ve always got Kim Pielak and her trusty GPS system!)

Welcome to Entrance Ranch, home of glorious vistas, clean mountain air and miles and miles of spectacular horse trails.

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We will camp here for the weekend. Rides will cover whichever trails the group decides it wants. You’ll have breakfast in camp, then trailer up and head out for the day (or just saddle up and ride out if you’re riding the Athabasca River. We’ll give you a bagged lunch and you’ll be on the trail for as long as you collectively decide. Then, when you’re back in camp, a hot supper will be waiting for you. We’ll likely have a steak dinner one night and chili the other. There will be salads, fruits and veggies galore (compliments of H&W Produce) and the meat will be the finest (compliments of Tofield Packers).

Willmore has so much to offer.

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But, then again, so does Cadomin.

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We ride Saturday, Sunday and half of Monday, ending the day with lunch and the presentation of prizes.

The pinkest horse and rider winner (Saturday morning only competition) takes home a Google Home compliments of Telus (value $180). The highest fundraiser for the weekend takes home a $250 gift certificate compliments of Peavey Mart. Highest fundraiser for the summer wins a $1,000 gift certificate from Peavey Mart. (Ask last year’s winner, Sue Meier, what she thinks of her big win. There are no restrictions on how you can spend it!)

Sue Meier

So … the riding is great, and the prizes are amazing! Come join us at Entrance Ranch. We arrive the night of June 22 and ride June 23, 24 and 25. Come for the time of your life!

Registration papers are at www.WildPinkYonder.com/RiderInfo.html. You can scan and email your registration and e-transfer your payment, or you can snail mail the whole kit and kaboodle. If you want your own fundraising page, you can create one at WildPinkYonder.MyEvent.com. (It’s easy to set up and an easy-peasy way to raise money.)



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