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DATELINE: Aug 27 – Donalda/Camrose

Try as I might, I could not find anyone to lead a ride in Camrose on Saturday, so the lovely Becky Clement from Donalda offered to take our riders back into the coulees on Saturday. Everybody was more than happy with that opportunity.

It rained in the night, but it quit by morning so Becky showed up around 10:30 and away they all went for their second ride in the coulees. This one only lasted until 2:30, but it was much appreciated by all the riders.

From there, we trailered up and headed off to dinner at the Exhibition Grounds in Camrose, compliments of the Camrose Kinsmen. Those boys (and girl) really know how to do dinner! And they are great hosts. We had medium rare steak, fab Caesar salad, corn on the cob, potato salad (man, they know how to do potato salad right down here!), homemade Boston baked beans and carrot cake dessert. Mmmmmmmmm. Excellent!

But we had a tire on the cargo trailer go on us, so we had to get back to camp (in the Camrose Regional Exhibition grounds) to wait for the KAL TIRE guy to arrive. He did and that all went smoothly, so we’re back in business.

It’s a cool and moist night and all the riders have gone to bed early. So good night, dear readers. Sweet dreams.

Next stop: chasing cows in Alliance.