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That Annual Icon of all Things Horse: The Mane Event

You have to hand it to the organizers of The Mane Event.  They manage to keep it topical, interesting and fun year after year after year.  In fact, this was their tenth anniversary, and it was as good or better than the previous nine.  No wonder it’s the biggest and best horse symposium in western Canada!  (By the way, “symposium” means a conference to discuss a particular subject — or a drinking party, and I think this one is a bit of both for many!  *grin*)

Wild Pink Yonder was there in all our pink glory!  Starting this year, we are a distributor for a company called “Twisted Wire” and we had a number of their items for sale in the booth.  They make some beautiful stuff from horseshoes.  We will take their smaller stuff on the trail with us:  horseshoes twisted into the shape of breast cancer ribbons and then painted pink, horseshoes with ribbons through the holes and with jewels and beads wound around them, horseshoes welded together to make stars, and my personal favourite, horseshoes cut and welded to make hearts.  We sold quite a few of each this weekend.

Many of our favourite riders dropped by to say hello:  CJ was there with her new beau, and she looks positively radiant.  Jim suits her well.   Hedi was down but, typically, had to leave half way through due to other obligations, so her friend (and our rider) Jeanne had to run around and pick up all Hedi’s purchases (they weren’t little ones) and take them home for her.  I don’t know how Hedi keeps up with herself — or Jeanne with Hedi, for that matter! *grin*  The Sovdi girls dropped by a number of times. They’d really like to come on the trail again.  Eleanor was by.  She’s threatening to come as a volunteer for the entire ride this year.  About the same time Eleanor was by, we had Cheryl and Kim drop by. They are perennial favourites.  Karen and Barkley Carrier (our super volunteers) stopped on their way home from a week in Edmonton, and their daughter, Carly, (with a friend) stopped in because she was working a booth too.  I was delighted to have Mary drop by.  Mary is legally blind, but was a Longrider last year anyway.  She said she is trying to organize to come back this year again.  We love Mary and admire her grit so much.  Rusty’s old girlfriend, Fern, came by a couple of times.  We’ll see her again this coming weekend when she officiates at Rusty’s wedding!  My sister, Shirley, dropped by.  Turns out she’ll be in Scotland while we’re on the trail, so I’ll not see her this summer.  Boo!  Hiss!  Of course, our vet, Dr. Deb Carroll and her daughter, Heather, were there for the whole weekend.  They had a booth for West Wind Veterinary Hospital not far from ours, so they dropped by often.  What a terrific pair they are!

We met a number of new friends too.  Hopefully they  will come ride with us.  One was a crazy Newfie woman named Mary.  She’s a stage 3 double mastectomy warrior who refers to her chest as “sunken treasure”.  *lol*  She’s loads of fun and will come with her daughter if they can find a cart or wagon for Mary’s new Standardbred.  There was a woman who came up and asked, “What do I have to do to send my husband on this?”  When questioned further, it turns out that she does not ride and has no ambition to do so, but he wants to come.  (Maybe she’ll come and drive truck!)  The Edmonton Sheriff’s Posse is meeting in two weeks, and one of their members dropped by to say he’s bringing Wild Pink Yonder up at the meeting.  A number of them want to come.  They are a precision team of all palominos.  What fun! There were a bunch of other interesting folks who sounded keen too, so this year’s tour is starting to shape up.

But we’re home now.  Back to work … and to finding a small wagon (or big cart) for Mary (call me if you know of one) … and to getting Rusty married off on May 4th.