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Game on!

Happy New Year!

I don’t have the whole summer mapped out yet, but today I spoke with Rocky from Entrance Ranch in Hinton. We had such a good time there last summer. I don’t think there was one rider who didn’t want to return. So, we will!

We’re going for a three day weekend! It’s not a regular long weekend, so you’ll not be letting family down. We will arrive on Friday, June 22nd (late afternoon or evening), in order to ride June 23, 24 and 25. Where will we ride? Your choice. We can do Willmore again. We can do Cadomin. We can ride along the Athabasca River right out of Entrance Ranch. The choice will be yours. You gotta know that no matter where we ride, the scenery will be fantastic. (And the company won’t be too shabby either!)

I haven’t started on the prizes yet, but there will be at least a $1,000 shopping spree at Peavey Mart. If he comes through, there might be a shopping spree at a well known tack shop. Who knows what the prizing might be! But if you want to win, you better get fundraising!

Meanwhile, our Hinton host is looking to buy a horse so he can ride with us! If you know of a 15-15.2 well broke trail gelding for sale, let me know and I’ll pass it on to Rocky. This horse should have good bone. Rocky says that the breed is not an issue, nor is colour … though he specified that it can’t be pink. <grin>



Dateline: August 23 – Hinton

If you’re headed for Hinton with your horse, really you ought to be heading for Cadomin.  It is arguably the best riding and best scenery anywhere in Alberta.  So that’s what we did!  We sent our riders off for a day of fun in the mountains.  A little below this post, you’ll find a bunch of pictures I poached off one of our rider’s Facebook page.  That’s Cadomin.

We heard about the sights, the critters they saw and the trails they tackled.  Makes me want to go there (once Wild Pink Yonder is over) and explore on my own.

We didn’t put a timeline on them because nothing was happening for us in Hinton.  We stayed at the Ag Grounds. (God bless the ag societies of Alberta — they make my life liveable and Wild Pink Yonder possible!)  We sat around a fire that night, but not many of us stayed late.  We’re starting to get tired now.