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Are you wondering who the top fundraising riders are for 2016?

Each year I go find prizes at Peavey Mart to use as incentive to get riders to raise more money than they are required to do. It’s been a wonderful motivator over the years … and this year’s riders didn’t disappoint.

I only intended to have gifts for the top five riders/teams this year, but then there were two who really needed honouring, and they came in at #6 and #10, so I am digging deep to find prizes worthy of the top ten.

Why did I want to include Roberta Dersche and Donna Buckland in the winners’ list? Because neither of them had to raise a cent. They both won their riding time on a free draw at The Mane Event … and yet they chose to help the cause anyway. Roberta did it because that’s the way Roberta rolls. Donna did it partly because that’s how she rolls, but also because she has a very close relationship with breast cancer. I love these two women’s passion and I appreciate their caring souls.

And speaking of passion and a caring soul, note who #4 is. Yep, our own Hughie. Ever since he saw our ad in the Edson newspaper in the spring of 2014, Hugh has had a passion for Wild Pink Yonder. In 2014 he was 76 years old. He was a Longrider in 2014 and 2015 and intended to longride in 2016 as well. He has always been in the top five for fundraising. This year he is #4 in fundraising and yet, due to poor health, he couldn’t ride with us for even a day. We did, however, enjoy having him in Big Valley when his wife and son brought him to visit. We rode around town in style in a gorgeous vis-a-vis pulled by his son’s big, beautiful Percherons. We salute you, Hughie.

On that note, this year’s top fundraisers are:

Ranking including the 3 teams:  Total: Rank
Sue Meier  $7,526 1
Barb and Mark Pennie  $5,240 2
Amanda and Julia McPhail  $2,385 3
Hugh Ashwell  $2,189 4
Debra “Stewie” Stewart  $1,730 5
Roberta and Harvey Dersch  $1,500 6
Lara Matechuk  $1,451 7
Kim Pielak  $1,183 8
Sherry Hanson  $1,081 9
Donna Buckland  $725 10

Now that we know who the winners are, we have to figure out how/where/when to give away the goodies.

I’m open to suggestion. Do we want another Wingding (when and where)? Or do we just give prizes away on-line and have folks pick them up in the Edmonton area?

Send me a message if you have an opinion. (Ha hahaha! Like horse people don’t always have an opinion! *grin*)


Look at all the goodies you could win!

For the last few years we’ve been bribing riders to try harder in their fundraising efforts — and it seems to work — so here we are again! There will be Peavey Prizes for the top fundraisers on the Farewell Tour of 2016.

The list of items includes (but may not be limited to) these fab items that have been provided by our most magnificent main sponsor, Peavey Mart:

  • Generator ($429.99)
  • 5-Ton Electric Log Splitter ($399.99)
  • Lund Truck Bed Step ($259.99)
  • Black & Decker 40 Amp Battery Charger ($219.99)
  • 55 Qt Wooden Patio Cooler ($199.99)
  • Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator ($189.99)
  • Martin 14,000 BTU Propane BBQ ($149.99)
  • Maple Leaf Wooden Rocking Chair ($139.99)
  • Patriot Solar Fencer ($129.99)

So, if you’ve been lollygagging, riders — with prizes like this on the line, it is now time to step up your game!

See you on The Pink Trail!

Have We Got Prizes for You!

I said I’d give you the list of prizes as soon as I had it.  I don’t think this is a complete list, but it’s a good start!  We’ve got things that will appeal to just about everybody!  Lookie …

  1. Set of two very cool rustic log rocking chairs for your front porch.  Value $320.
  2. Mini gas cultivator for your garden.  Value $200.
  3. Portable Generator Power Switch so your gen set can keep the house going during a power failure.  Value $340.
  4. Cajun Injector Electric Smoker.  Value $360.
  5. Patio Heater.  Value $200.
  6. Hamilton Beach Pizza Maker.  Value $73.
  7. Black & Decker 40 Amp Battery Charger.  Value $220
  8. Lund Bed Step so you can step up and reach into the truck box.  Value $260.
  9. 2,000 psi Pressure Washer
  10. Horse Cooler Blanket from Greenhawk, Grande Prairie.  Value $80.
  11. Blingy Bridle and Breastcollar from Horse Effects Horse Supplies.  Value $150
  12. Patio Cooler.  Value $180
  13. Western Wall hanging.  Value $35
  14. Set of two Zero Gravity Chairs.  Value $260
  15. Metal Saddle Rack.  Value $35
  16. Electronic Insect Killer.  Value $106.
  17. Breast Collar with pink stitching.  Value
  18. DuraTote Stool.  Value
  19. Webber Charcoal Camping BBQ.
  20. Propane Camping BBQ
  21. Camping Pot – small.  Value
  22. Camping Pot – large.  Value

I think we’ll give prizes to the top ten (fifteen?) and then use the rest for things like top money raiser at a Pink-a-Palooza.

But the thing is, to get in on these prizes, you have to raise more than your daily minimum.  (Wouldn’t you love #8 — the Lund Bed Step?  I might kill for that!)  Top money raiser will choose one of these prizes first.  Then we’ll work our way down the line.

EEK!  The excitement!

What About our Men?

That was my first thought when I woke up this morning.  Yesterday I was so excited to tell you about the marvellous bling that is waiting for someone to win that I forgot all about the men.  Men don’t want bling!

So I’ve gone and dug through all the marvellous goodies Peavey Mart has most generously donated to the cause this year, and I’ve pulled out alternate prizes for the rider who brings in the most amount of money.  I have a Martin portable propane bar-be-cue that looks like this:

Martin barbecue









Or a Patriot Solarguard 50 solar electric fencer that looks like this:











Your choice.

So, gentlemen, get a move on!  Either of these babies would be perfect for going horse camping. (The barbecue might be just right for making those insane little “Bailey’s marshmallow cups” that Pinkster Amy taught us all about a couple of years ago.  I’ll tell you how.)

And another thought:  some women are not into bling.  They can choose the barbecue or the solar fencer too.

There are tons of ways to raise the $100/day.  A couple of the easier ones are to open your own personal page on the ACF site and send requests to everyone in your address book.  (Note:  research proves you’ll get better response if the request is made through the ACF site, not through your home address.)

Another very good fundraiser is to approach your local Peavey Mart (or other large store if you don’t have a Peavey) and ask if you can have a hamburger and hot dog sale in front of their main doors.  Peavey’s will go out of their way for you, and even provide the barbecue.  You provide the food and all the income is yours.

Wednesday, Oct 24 is Welsh’s Saddlery & Western Wear’s VIP Pre-Rodeo Night … and you’re invited!

As you know, Welsh’s is one of Wild Pink Yonder’s valued sponsors.  This coming Wednesday, they invite you to their VIP Pre-Rodeo Night.

“Get rodeo ready at Welsh’s Saddlery & Western Wear’s South Edmonton Common location.  There will be huge pre-rodeo deals to help you get outfitted in time for CFR. Plus there will be nearly $1000 in giveaways.”

At that same event, WPY Longrider (and rider who raised the most money) Ev Munce and Not-So-Long-Rider (but very lucky winner) Amber Roberts will be presented with their Welsh’s saddles and tack prizes.

Also, while we were on the trail, Welsh’s held a fundraising event called “Putting the Boots to Breast Cancer” on our behalf.  Each sales person sold as many pink paper cowboy boots as he or she could.  The one who raised the most money wins a stereo with an iPod dock from us.  We will be presenting that to the Welsh’s winner on Wednesday night too.

So, if you don’t have other plans, come on down to Welsh’s in South Edmonton Common.  VIP Pre-Rodeo Night starts at 7:00 and goes ’til 9:00.  I hope we’ll see you there.

New sponsor alert! Welsh’s has signed on … and riders are going to love it!

Welsh’s Saddlery and Western Wear is a perfect fit as a sponsor and we are delighted that they have chosen to join us.  Instead of asking them for money to finance the ride though, we’ve chosen to ask them for tack instead — tack that we will be given to two lucky riders.  I don’t have the photos yet, but here’s the deal:

There will be two prize packages.  Each will consist of a western saddle, bridle, reins and breast collar valued at approximately $2,500.

Saddle package #1 goes to the rider who brings in the most amount of pledge money.  Don’t care if it’s for a one-day ride or a Longrider.  This is anybody’s game!  Top money wins.

Saddle package #2 is a draw.  For every $100 a rider raises, his/her name goes into the hat once.  After that, it’s the luck of the draw … but obviously, you can stack your odds if you really try!

So, riders … full gallop!  Don’t spare the ponies, ‘cuz it’s a beautiful prize and you have lots of time left to get the pledges to win!