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Where do we go from here?

As you all know, the Wild Pink Yonder Longrides are a matter of history now. They are just too hard for one person to pull together … and I’m tired. Dog tired.

But when we had Wingding at the end of this year, our riders all agreed that it would be a shame to let Wild Pink Yonder just die. We have over 3,500 people (riders and others) who follow us on Facebook. They are all concerned with finding a cure for breast cancer, and that war ain’t over … so we’ve decided that Wild Pink Yonder’s not going to quit! It’s going to be legendary … again!

But how?

The consensus at Wingding was that riders would rather have trail rides than clinics or competitions. We talked about having three rides a year: one in the far south, one in central Alberta and one up north. Maybe you agree with this idea. Maybe you don’t. Either way, we’re hoping you’ll contribute to the poll below (and do it soon) because I have got to get hoppin’ if this is going to come together for the summer of 2017!


Dateline: August 16th – Cochrane

Well, technically, Cochrane didn’t play.  For whatever reasons, they didn’t get involved with Pinkest Little Town in the West (which is too bad, really, because I can’t think of a town in Alberta that prides itself more on being western than Cochrane). The Cochrane Ag Society gave us permission to stay on their grounds though, so that was nice.

Meanwhile, we were offered great western hospitality from the folks at Saddle Peak Trail Rides!   We even had a Pinkster come with her daughter and Saddle Peak rented them horses for the day.  They took our riders out for a lovely ride along the eastern boundary of Banff National Park.  The riders didn’t see the vistas they expected because the sky was low and overcast, but they enjoyed some challenging trails and saw mountain sheep in their travels.  And when it was all over, Saddle Peak even made a donation to our cause.

If you want to experience the Rocky Mountains from the back of a horse (and don’t have one), this is the place to go!  Saddle Peak Trail Rides.  Love those guys (and gals)!

Then it was a quiet night “at home” and an early start for Ya Ha Tinda!