The Mane Event – Part II

I love my Pink Family!  They all check in and say hello when they come to The Mane Event, and some of them, like Theresa Burke, Fern Kornelson and Brigitte Renaud offer to come and work the booth so that I can get away for a few minutes here and there … and like now when they’ve given me time to come home (to the motorhome) for lunch and a chance to blog.

Things are ticking right along.  There are a lot of people here who either definitely ARE planning to come this summer, or are seriously looking at when they can get holidays.

Checked in (so far) today:  Earl, Madison, Catherine, Jessica, Kelli, a couple of ladies who rode last year while I was resting in the Chateau de Elk Point, and a couple of women who have already registered for this year and dropped by to introduce themselves.

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