Here in Okotoks …

but not much happening.  We have riders going and new riders joining, but nothing happening in the party/dance/fandango line.  We’re in the Okotoks ag society grounds.  Impressive!  Clean.  Beautiful. 

We leave here in the morning and trailer to Kathyrn, AB.  At that point we saddle up and head for Irricana.  THAT should be a hoot!  They have a bonfire and kareoke waiting for us!  *giggle, snort*  Heeeeeere comes Irricana!


4 thoughts on “Here in Okotoks …

  1. Well as mentioned in the earlier blog I wimped out here lol As soon as I heard that there were going to be thunder showers I headed for the first SMOKING room I could find!! One night of rain was enough for me lol When I left the camp Sandy was cooking up supper which Im sure was delicious! I feel a little guilty being warm and cozy but feel better being able to offer hot showers and breakie thanks to the Lakeview Hotel. So far no one has taken up the offer but its early yet. Hope someone shows up! Once my clothes are dry I will head back to the Ag grounds then off to Kathryn and Irricana!! Did someone say Kareokee?? Oh where is Mrs Smith when we need her?? Im sure Deb would be up there belting out a tune in all her pink glory.

    Forgot to mention our little impromptu rodeo in High River! Deb definately got the award for pinkest costume. First time Id ever seen anyone barrel race in pink jammies hehehe All the girls took part in barrel race and pole bending events with Heather and Tubba doing the best time in both events. Of course Heather is our youngest rider and those two can go like a bat outta you know where!! Was great fun!

    The evening before we were treated to some entertainment by Maynard! I cant believe Jane didnt mention that hahahahaha


  2. Dinner last night was awesome. Deb Carroll did the bbq’d pork chops to perfection. Sandy sat and peeled beets whilst wearing yellow dishwashing gloves! Cheryl Peressini has joined us from Carstairs. Carly and Major are back and this time Carly has brought her friend, Maddison, with her.

    Today is going to be a barn-burner. I can smell it already.


  3. Sorry I will not be able to meet up with you ladies today I got hauled into work ;( but if anyone is interested there are fireworks tonight in calgary.


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