Riders of the Wild Pink Yonder: are you up for the challenge?

You kept asking for The Cowboy Trail … so … the 2011 route has been set, and you’ve got it.

You’ve got The Cowboy Trail, but you’ve also got the Rocky Mountains once again — only this time, it will be for more days and at higher elevations.

We’ll have our Wild Pink Fandango in Coleman on August 12th this summer, then start riding on August 13th … travel up The Cowboy Trail … not reaching our destination of Fultonvale AB until September 3rd.  To see the details, go to the website and click on Map.  It’s all there for you to savour … to dream about … to start planning for.  We go from smack dab IN the mountains to riding along beside them to picturesque places like Pincher Creek, Longview, Bragg Creek and Rocky Mountain House.

Happy trails.


12 thoughts on “Riders of the Wild Pink Yonder: are you up for the challenge?

  1. Thank you, Miranda. I have gone out of my mind for weeks and weeks over this. When we’re at Coleman and Blairmore, rather than riding down the highway (which will be dangerous, especially in August), I’m thinking we go for a trail ride through the mountains and then trailer forward (tack on), ride through town for the hoopla, and then go to the fundraiser.

    In total, you guys will get three days of high mountain riding, followed by all sorts of days of foothilly stuff.

    We still hit two Peavey Marts, and a number of Ford dealerships.

    Everybody’s happy. (Especially me, if we land Ford!)


  2. you were soo right I have got to get my butt in gear and get a horse and get my pledges started. I am going to have to let my friends that live on the ‘trail’ what is going on and see if they want to join us for a day. His family has ranched the longview area for nearly 100 years.


    • Heck, Jackie. Talk to them about getting involved with organizing the Longview run for Pinkest Little Town in the West! They could win a music concert and those coveted highway signs!


  3. Contact Ginny Donahue from Sierra West, they are in Lundbreck.

    Also, I have a quarter section of land close to Cremona that you’re welcome to use, if necesary.


    • Cindy is one of those “git ‘er done” kind of women! I love that!

      Thanks you, Cindy. I have someone in mind who I am hoping will “adopt” Cremona. Like you, she’s a go-getter, so possibly she’ll even adopt Water Valley too. But, if nothing else pans out, you KNOW we’ll be in touch about Cremona, and I’ll be calling on Ginny as soon as we’re ready to contact Lundbreck!


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